Tips to get your vision clear for 2020 business promotions & marketing

2020 business marketing tips

As the year 2019 ended and we welcome the new year and the new decade with joy & high spirits. The year 2019 for sure has been a year of digital trends, promotions, marketing strategies, and online businesses. And its turn for 2020 to bring your amazing opportunities in your business. All you need to do is update your marketing strategies and promotion plan for 2020.

And the flow & pace at which things are spreading digitally predict that the coming decade is going to bring many more big changes in the marketing and branding industry.  

Here are the top 10 tips that can give a great head-start for your business coming decade. 

1- Going Online


You plan to own business or if you already own a business and still have no online presence. You are running a business with a decade-old style and strategies. The very first advice to all types of businesses and industries would be creating their online presence. 

Research and surveys imply that on an average rate a person spends 3-4 hours using their phones. And almost 10-12 hours have continuous access to the internet. Humans are getting used to google for research and look for online reviews before choosing any product, services. If your business is not online you might be missing out most of your possible opportunities. 

Various options to mark your business online : 

  • Get your business website. 
  • Get your business registered with Google.
  • Create your business space on social media platforms.

2- Promote On Social Media


We all must be aware of social media platforms and their power. Social Media not only represents your business to customers but also helps you to target potential customers. Promoting on social media helps you make sure you are not falling behind in the idea of digital promotions and marketing. 

Despite all the business and growth that social media platforms can bring to you, it also allows you to connect directly with your customers. You can know and observe what are the latest trends and tastes for your customers. 

Some Must have social media account for all businesses :

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • WA business
  • LinkedIn- If you are dealing in Corporate Industries. 

3- Focus on Creating content


 People tend to incline toward things that they can relate to or things that educate them about various parts of life. You would notice yourself clicking links, liking pictures, reading notes/blogs that you can relate too when they come up on your feed, even if you were not looking for it.  

Create content about How your business can be helpful to your customers? How your services can help them? The more your customers will know about your business, the better they can trust your company & brand. 

The best way to share your business and keep your customers engaged is to Write Blogs. Write about things that link you and your customers. 

4- Create Video Content 

We all must be familiar with the fact videos educate easier and faster. The main reason kids at schools today are given video lectures, infographics, and animations to learns. Even toddlers today are engaged in video rhymes also they remember those tunes and rhythms easily.

Creating Video Content for your business promotions is one of the most efficient strategies for Business marketing and also in trend. With emerging platforms for creating videos today video marketing is a very popular and also pocket-friendly way of marketing. Also, Videos are reusable and can be shared on multiple platforms. 

Methods to create videos for your Businesses 

  • Using Social media Platform 
  • Create a Product description or product featuring videos.
  • Go live /Create live sessions to connect your customer. 
  • Create professional business marketing videos. 

5- Make your website Dynamic 


Static Websites are good for new businesses that want to create an online presence and let customers know about your business. But if you want your website to generate leads, and for your customers to get solutions online without contacting you for all minor issues. You need to make your website Dynamic & also Responsive. An ideal website must provide customers with all the information they need to know before they place their trust in you. Also, an ideal website must help you collect information about your visitors and customers who are interested in your business. 

Things You Need To Focus for your Website 

  • Responsive 
  • Customer Service /Feedback collection
  • Chat supports 
  • SEO and website ranking 
  • Updated Content and Information 

6- Create & Send Email Newsletters 

Are you worried that emails would be fading this decade. Not so soon. In the recent study by major marketing services, customers look up for updates and mails form the companies they are shopping with, connected to or are involved with any kind of services. 

Creative emails showcasing recent offers, new product launches and wishes on special occasions can help you keep your customer stable and also enhance the possibilities that a customer would repeat to your business or services again.

7- Focus on Creating a branding pattern

 Branding makes your business out-stand in the masses of various competitive businesses. Competition today is rising higher with every passing day you would be losing time to reach out to your customers. customers choose a business that is brands. Have you ever found yourself visiting some unpopular, unknown website for ordering goods? No ! You go to famous brands when it comes to online shopping. 

Thus Branding is a major step to globalize your business. After you have followed all the above-mentioned tips, Your business is ready to become a brand. 

Things that can help in branding your business 

  1. Get a logo that defines your business.
  2. Create a theme for regulating your marketing. 
  3. Give regular support to your customers.
  4. Create Slogans and Tagline.

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