Top Restaurant Service Mistakes That You Should Avoid.


“Restaurant Service” one of the most common factors a person would fall in love with a place or completely decide not to go ever back again. Good customer service brings you more customers and good reviews as well.
Approx 7 out of 10 restaurants struggle to provide good customer service to their customers. The reasons may vary for all. There may be some chances that the restaurant’s service staff is not working up to the point or not paying attention. Or maybe that the restaurant management has not realized yet that what wrong is happening. How their service mistakes are driving away all the potential customers to their restaurants.

Here are some of the top tips about restaurant service mistakes that you should avoid :

1-Staff Energy-

Let’s imagine a situation, a customer visits your restaurant with friends and family to celebrate some special occasion. But your staff is not motivated, there are no happy smiling greetings, no interest. This low energy in staff draws your customers away. Why would they love to celebrate a happy occasion in a place that does not seem happy by itself?
Thus, the first most important to do as a restaurant owner is to ask/train your staff to be cheered up for every customer even if it is a houseful day or a day where only a few customers have shown up. You would see, mostly crowded eating points have high spirited working staff. That is the spirit and enthusiasm that makes their place enjoyable and happy.

2- Time Consuming Service-

Make your service faster. A slow place is a low place. Customers do not like waiting for their order to be taken or when it takes a lot of time while their food is being prepared. It is highly observed a customer tends to walk away if he’s been waiting to approx 10-20 minutes and no response has been shown from the restaurant staff.
So, fast service is the next step to good service. If your customer gets their response real quick, they even would not have any time to look around and point out negative things about your restaurant.

3- Hygiene –

Hygiene – A top factor affecting your food quality and reviews. Neatness and cleanliness of a restaurant is a major factor that helps your restaurant gain customers trust. Hygiene is effectively one of the most crucial points to be noted while running a restaurant.
Every person working in a restaurant must take care of essential hygiene.

4- Unattractive Menu –

A menu can be termed as the only thing that your customer interacts with while looking for what to eat. If your menu is not well managed, sorted and classified.
We will discuss later – “how to create an eye-catching menu for your restaurant?”
But you should at least manage your restaurant menu in good ways, i.e classify food items based on their type and categories.
Write food item based on sorted order of either their prices or their names. Do not haphazardly arrange items on the menu. Try to create a separate menu for beverages and drinks.

5- Not having any complaint/review system

You should not avoid customer issues and complaints regarding your restaurant. Because if attended these can be changing customer’s opinions about your service. and if ignore these can result in a bad review about your restaurant and service. So, keep a checklist of what is bothering your customers and try your best to solve them.

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